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(All listed prices include tax.)

​ Please note that the fee is different for each creator


[Price list] “・”…Basic charge “+”…Optional charge

〇 Logo production Basic delivery time: 7 days

・Mark alone 5000 ~

    (Production of the symbol mark part that does not contain letters)

・Logotype (character) alone 5000~

    (Typography part production centered on character design)

・Mark and logotype combination 8000 ~

    (This is a logo mark that combines the above two points. If you do not know the type, we will accept it here.)

+ 1000 vertical and horizontal variations

    (I will produce a difference according to the usage scene such as vertical writing, horizontal writing)

+ Decoration material data 0-500 (consultation required)

    If you have a symbol, etc., we will create a simple material for 500 yen.)

+ Commercial use 50% of total fee

    (Click here if you are considering commercial use for distribution or goods production)

+ rush production (delivery date 5 days) 30% of the total price

+ Super express production (delivery date 3 days) 50% of the total price


〇 Print data production (business cards, posters, etc.) Basic delivery time: 7 days

    (If you do not select this option, in principle, you will not submit the manuscript and will only receive the data) ・Business card data production 3000 ~

・ Postcard single-sided data production 3000 ~

・ Postcard double-sided data production 5000 ~

・Poster data production 7000~

+ Data production for special processing 0

    (Special processing such as rounded corners and holes will be produced at no additional charge if possible at the printing shop.)

+ printing shop designation 500

    (We will produce according to the template of the designated printing shop. If not specified, the printing shop and template will be those of Graphic Co., Ltd.) increase)

+ Submission Printing fee + 1000

    Prices and delivery times vary depending on the number of prints and processing, so we will confirm in advance.)

+ rush production (delivery date 5 days) 30% of the total price

+ Super express production (delivery date 3 days) 50% of the total price


​​* Notes

・ You can also accept direct recording from your smartphone.

・ Depending on the sound quality, we may ask you to try again.

・ There is no technical refusal such as singing ability.

Minimum environment

44.1khz 24bit


Recommended environment

48.0khz 24bit

96.0khz 32bit float

About file submission format

・ Please submit by cloud storage service (Dropbox, GigaFile flight etc.). When submitting sound source data, please use wav. Format (recommended), mp3.

Regarding the flow of requests

→ We will accept from the contact form, confirm the sound source, and after consultation, we will prepare a quotation.

→ After payment, we will start production

→ Delivery after final confirmation

Regarding delivery date

・ We will consult directly with the customer.

* Please indicate the credit when you put out the song.

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