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(All listed prices include tax.)

​ Please note that the fee is different for each creator


​ Yabako

〇Illustration production (humanoid, about 2 to 6 heads)

Basic delivery time 7 days

(original limited)


・ Icon (above shoulder) 3000 ~

・ Bust up 5000 ~

・ Whole body 7000 ~


+ background (single color/pattern) 500

+ complex background (illustration) 2000

+ facial expression difference 500

+Commercial use 30% of total fee

(Click here if you are considering commercial use for distribution, goods production, etc.)


+ rush production (delivery date 5 days) 30% of the total price


〇Illustration production (characters other than humanoid) Basic delivery date 5 days

The pattern is loose and not very detailed (original only)

・ Whole body 5000 ~


+ 1 pose difference 500

+ background (single color/pattern) 500

+ complex background (illustration) 2000

+ Expression difference 0 to 500 (consultation required)

+Commercial use 30% of the total fee

+ rush production (delivery date 3 days) 30% of the total price


​Please inquire for details such as fees


​​* Notes

・ You can also accept direct recording from your smartphone.

・ Depending on the sound quality, we may ask you to try again.

・ There is no technical refusal such as singing ability.

Minimum environment

44.1khz 24bit


Recommended environment

48.0khz 24bit

96.0khz 32bit float

About file submission format

・ Please submit by cloud storage service (Dropbox, GigaFile flight etc.). When submitting sound source data, please use wav. Format (recommended), mp3.

Regarding the flow of requests

→ We will accept from the contact form, confirm the sound source, and after consultation, we will prepare a quotation.

→ After payment, we will start production

→ Delivery after final confirmation

Regarding delivery date

・ We will consult directly with the customer.

* Please indicate the credit when you put out the song.

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