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​​I'm Tachiga! !! Aryo to support! !!

Young Businessman

​​Kaede L. Leo

​​Everyone's brother who is safe, secure, kind, and has absolute trust

The boy was running in the alley with a slightly dull old novel in his hand.
He muttered, with a deserted shopping street in one eye.
"Where is my brother?"

​​Yu Y Y Official

​​A cool empire who can never guess the age at first sight

A boy playing an awkwardly squeezed acoustic guitar occasionally runs a pen on his notebook.

The sea breeze hits the edge of the notebook.

"Can purple poison be solved in this sea?"


Male Portrait
Smiling Businessman

​​Suzuhin / TV / Suzupi

​​Yin Caxo Gari TV

The boy hated the house.

A purple-like poison floating in the house was eroding his brother.

His brother has been weak for a long time.

​Jyu N. Almighty

​​A person who can really do anything

His parents were blind to money.

Unfortunately, such human beings have no interest in love.

The boy hated the house.

Happy Young Man
Smiling Man with Glasses

​​Oribu O Utaumashi

​​Singing pie

For example, the poison for him is his parents.

In other words, the money that poisoned his parents is ill.

The boy smiled a little with cold eyes and lined up a passage in his notebook.

"It takes money to make something happen" ​​

It is also money that cures the disease.

The boy never gets tired of playing the acoustic guitar his brother used every day.

​​I'm Tachiha! !! Aryo works like this gear! !!

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