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(All listed prices include tax.)

Original MV 15,000-

Honke Parody 12,000-

Crossfade 5,500-

OP / ED, distribution background 3,000-

PV, announcement video 5,500-

This channel is coming soon!

​​* Notes

Regarding the flow of requests

→ We will accept from the contact form, confirm the sound source, and after consultation, we will prepare a quotation.

→ After payment, we will start production

→ Delivery after final confirmation

Regarding delivery date

・ We will consult directly with the customer.

・ We accept free encoding

・ We may discuss your opinion here as well, in line with the requester's intention. In addition, we may contact you each time if you have any questions about the production.

* Please indicate the credit when you put out the song.

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