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​Recruitment information

Would you like to become a creator of L's Works?

​We are waiting for members who can create works together. ​

​Not currently recruiting.

About L's Works

We, L's Works, are a group of creators who produce works according to customer requests.

We handle a variety of things, such as individual contract work and multiple contract work.

If you are still inexperienced as a creator, there is no problem. We have a creator education curriculum, so you can grow according to your own pace and do your work.

For those who have received individual requests until now, the feeling does not change. We will be able to accept requests from a wider range of customers, support various payment methods, and be able to communicate smoothly with customers while greatly reducing the risk of personal information leakage.

​Recruitment information

Business content

​Personal specialty (example: Mix, illustration, etc.)

​production environment

​ Freedom (limited to the extent that it does not affect the quality of each individual)

​ work location

In principle, ​ will be at home.

​If necessary, we may call for full transportation expenses.

​Required skills and conditions

​ Contact tool Those who can introduce Discord

​Those who are willing to acquire requests


​welcome skills and conditions

Those who can handle ProTools, Cubase and other DAWs

Those who can handle Adobe products

Those who can handle illustration software such as ClipStudio

Those who can create Live2D

Beginners who have the desire and enthusiasm to grow


very welcoming figure

Those who value individuality

Those who value discussion

​Lump of Sense


​working hours

​Free in principle (do not overwork)


​employment form

​Outsourcing (updated each year)


​ Salary

80% of the amount requested by the customer​ (20% is received as L'sWorks' operating expenses and fees)

​ Allowances, preferential treatment

Double work welcome

Beginners welcome

Full payment of transportation expenses at the time of convocation

in-house production discount

L's Works Studio Cheap available (application required)

​ creator education curriculum

Selection process

​We will contact you regardless of whether you pass or fail.

Primary screening (portfolio submission, document screening)


Second screening (individual interview)

アンカー 1

​ entry

Thank you for submitting. I will contact you later.

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